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We have tried to cover all the frequently asked question we received on HOT but if you cannot find the answer you are looking for below please get in contact with us via the contact us page or the forum and we will be happy to help.


What standards are enforced on events?
* ALL of our track days are non-competitive.
* Overtaking is only by consent.
* Overtaking is only allowed on one side (left/right as specified in the track briefing).
* Overtaking is only allowed on the straights.
* We carry public liability insurance for all track days.
* All drivers must attend a briefing session.
* All drivers will need to bring a full driving licence.
* Drivers and passengers must wear suitable helmets.
* Third party instructors by prior approval only.
* All beginners must receive an extended briefing.

Is Hondas-On-Track the club for me?
If you are looking for safe, fun track days in a friendly environment at a reasonable price and are prepared to follow the standards laid out above then please read on.

What is a Track Day?
A track day is a non-competitive event held at a race track or airfield. They are designed for testing the speed and handling abilities of your car in a safe environment. Events are not timed nor do you race against other participants. Overtaking is only allowed when both parties agree and is normally restricted to straights.

Do you admit beginners/novices?
Yes! The aim of Hondas-On-Track is to encourage more enthusiasts to take part in days and first time beginners are always treated as the most important people on our days.

Is my car suitable?
If you don't have a Honda don't worry, we are happy to accept other marques if they have a similar attitude to driving their cars on track, but will exclude people we think are joining just to get cheap days. A variety of cars on track makes for a much more interesting and fun day. We do however, expect all cars to be able to meet safety and noise emission requirements. All cars need to be to MOT standard, seatbelts, brakes, indicators and lights all need to work and tyres must be in good condition.

What should I bring to an event?
The most important thing is the right attitude. Track days can be dangerous. There will be a set of simple rules designed to keep you and others safe. If you come prepared to follow those rules, you will be fine, break them and you'll be going home early. Other than that, a suitable and safe car and the correct clothing.

What safety clothing is required?
Helmets are compulsory for all people intending to drive or passenger. These can normally be hired on the day, please check the information in the events table. It is also compulsory to have both your arms and legs fully covered by your clothing. Some drivers like to wear gloves but this is down to individual preference.

Can I use a camera at events?
Cameras and Video Cameras are allowed on trackdays but if you wish to use them within your car then they must be securely fastened - NO hand-held cameras, hand-held video cameras, etc are to be used within the car! Various companies sell suction mounts for cameras or, if you wish to have a camera installed and the footage edited for you, check out our member benefits section!

Can I bring a passenger?
Yes! Passengers are more than welcome and must be over 16 years old. Passengers are required to complete an indemnity form and abide by the same rules as drivers on the day including following any instructions that are given. They must wear a suitable helmet, that is done up properly as well as always wear a seat belt or harness. Once in the car they must not hold any objects such as camera's or mobile phones.

Are Second drivers allowed?
In most cases we will allow second drivers. However, at some events it may be necessary to limit numbers or put restrictions on driver level of experience. If you would like to add a second driver to an event please check the event details.

What is an "Sessioned" Track Day?
A sessioned track day is a very structured event where there are typically 3 x 20 minute sessions or 4 x 15 minute sessions. Drivers are placed in groups depending on car type/experience - This has the advantage of keeping beginners and experienced drivers apart meaning they get the most from the day.

What is an "Open Pit" Track Day?
An open pit track day is aimed at the more experienced drivers where they are able to go on track at any time (so long as the circuit limit has not been reached). Because experienced drivers can be out on track at any time this format of track day is not recommended for beginners.

Will I be allowed on track with a noisy car?
The vast majority of tracks in the UK have noise limits imposed on them by their local councils. These limits vary from track to track. The limit for each event is displayed with the event information. A noise meter is placed at a 45 degree angle to the exhaust outlet and 50cm away. The car is then held at 3/4 of its maximum rev limit and the highest reading recorded is the cars recorded noise output for the day. If a car is over the official limit, the car will not be allowed onto the circuit. Hondas-On-Track will have no part in this process or a say in its outcome. If you do not know what the noise output of your car is, as a general guide most standard road cars will record lower than 98db (the strictest enforced at any of the venues used by us), indeed many sports exhaust systems will also, but may reach 102-3db. However, if in doubt get the car tested prior to booking an event, you are welcome to visit any Hondas-On-Track event for a test.

Will I be 'too slow' or 'too fast'?
Speed is not necessarily an issue. Of course an overly slow driver can cause a nuisance, which is why we select sessions partly on the grounds of peoples prior experience, type of vehicle and where they will feel most comfortable. If sessions are clearly not working out: we change them. We strive to provide a comfortable situation for newcomers and experience drivers alike. Any driver not being "considerate" to others will be removed from the track immediately. We make every effort to make all drivers feel relaxed and make sure they are alert and enjoy the day. We run NON-competitive track days.

What happens if I have an accident?
Although a track day is generally a very safe time and place to try the limits of driving, in reality accidents can and sadly do happen. It would be dishonest for us to say otherwise. Should the unfortunate happen, rest assured that the attending marshals and paramedics will be fully able to cope and that full and proper procedures would be followed.

If I damage my car in an accident, who will pay?
Although track day accidents are rare, if you decide to take your car on to a track, you must be aware that you are accepting the risk. You will be required to sign a declaration at each event, this is usual on any track day. The circuit, Hondas-On-Track or any other person or company cannot be held responsible, even if an accident is not your fault.

It is very unlikely that your road going insurance policy is going to cover you for a track day so make sure you check with your insurance company first. Make sure you mention that these events are non-competitive and no racing or timing is allowed.

However, a few specialist insurance companies will cover you, for a small additional premium:


Greenlight will offer you track insurance for an additional payment if you have road insurance with them already.


Specialist track day insurance.

Competition Car Insurance

Specialist track day insurance.

Herts Insurance Consultants (HIC)

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